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Backhoe loader WZ30-25 (option: with 4-in-1 bucket or with hammer)
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Main Characters of Backhoe Loader WZ30-25

1.China weimeng Backhoe loader WZ30-25, adopting Caterpillar SEM technology, is featured by strong power, pilot control, comfortable operation, excellent performance and high cost performance

2.To combined Excavator and loader as one machine, fully equipped with all function of mini excavator and loader, more suitable for operating in a narrow space, convenient and flexible, reducing the whole purchase cost and running cost.

3.Humanized designed 360 degree swivel seat, all stalinite cab, more broad vision and more comfortable driving.

4.Excavation slide slip device make the excavation operations broader and more efficient.




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China Weimeng Model:Weimeng Backhoe Loader

China Weimeng Model:Backhoe loader WZ30-25

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