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Main Characters of Wheel Loader ZL50G

1.The fully hydraulic pilot control, light and flexible, micro-excellent results

2.Efficient twin-turbo planetary gearbox torque converter, transmission efficiency, reliability

3.Double pump confluence of work system, coaxial flow amplifying steering, Significant energy saving effect.

4.The bucket of advanced automatic leveling function, Manipulation more convenient, reduce the labor of the driver dynamic strength.

5.High-power turbocharged steyr engine with the strengthening of thelengthened chassis and hydraulic system a perfect combination of performance and more reliable, efficient and more fuel-efficient.

6.Cylinder single dump Z turn doo institutions, huge digging force.

7.Suitable for heavy industries, the status of jobs, drive axle, gear modulus large amount of evil for the big job inferior working conditions design, durability.

8.The panoramic view of the enhanced super space cab,

manufactured by the german professionaland technical

spring damping quality sofa, comfortable and safe operation.










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