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Wheel loader US836
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Main Characters of Wheel Loader US836

1.To match the re-optimization engine with strong power, strengthened the good starting performance, and the operating efficiency and performance is greatly improved.

2.Advanced cooling system,and to withstand 40°high temperature, can also play the highest performance in a high dust environment.

3.Full hydraulic steering, the hydraulic valve designed and produced by international advanced technology with stable and reliable quality to promote the hydraulic system performance.

4.Using ISR hoses with high quality, strength and reliability is greatly improved.

5.Fixed axle gearbox,power shift,featured by simple structure, high transmission efficiency, long life, easy maintenance, more gear, and high speed,is suitable for heavy load operating conditions.

6.The cab fully adopting tempered glass,driving comfortably with wide view,bigger counterweight, bigger load capacity.

7.New cooling system design,can meet minus 20-43 environment temperature.

China Weimeng Wheel loader US836

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